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Troy Daniels Jersey Lakers

After tweaking his left knee at practice on Monday, Los Angeles Lakers guard Troy Daniels underwent an MRI and the results came back negative, according to Mike Trudell of Daniels is listed as questionable with a sore knee for Tuesday’s game against the Phoenix Suns.

Daniels joins Anthony Davis (shoulder), Rajon Rondo (calf) and, of course, DeMarcus Cousins (Achilles) on the injury report for Sunday’s game. Of those names, Cousins is the only one that for sure won’t be suiting up against Phoenix.

Anthony Davis listed as probable with sore shoulder, Rajon Rondo considered questionable; Troy Daniels to get an MRI on knee

Not having Daniels obviously wouldn’t be as detrimental to the Lakers as not having Davis — the team’s leading scorer, rebounder and shot-blocker — but it would give them one less shooter to counter the fourth-best 3-point-shooting team in the NBA.

Daniels hasn’t been as productive as he’s been in year’s past as a 3-point shooter, and is currently shooting 31.6% from behind the arc, including 27.6% on catch-and-shoot 3-point attempts. But he’s still one of the few people on the roster that can catch fire from behind the arc. On Sunday, Daniels made three 3-pointers — tied for the team-high — on 60% shooting.

Daniels is ranked third on the team in total 3-point makes despite playing the third-least total minutes on the team. He might be struggling right now, but when taking into account his career numbers, he’s still one of the better 3-point shooters the Lakers have.

That being said, if Daniels is at risk of sustaining a more serious injury by playing through pain on Tuesday, there’s no reason for him to see the floor against his former team. It’s an 82-game season, and the Lakers are going to need his shooting in the playoffs.

The Lakers will provide an update on Daniels’ health before tip-off on Tuesday.

Quinn Cook Jersey Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors 126-93. Anthony Davis and LeBron James continued their strong play during the preseason, but it was Quinn Cook that had much of social media taking.

Quinn Cook had missed all of the preseason recovering from a sore left calf and Wednesday night he made his Lakers debut in spectacular fashion. Cook had 16 points while shooting 6-for-9 from the field and 4-for-5 from 3-point land in 15 minutes of action. He also proved to be very effective in the pick and roll, setting up teammates with 3 assists.
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Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors

Cook shot the ball without hesitation and with confidence, proving how valuable shooting is from your guards. He’s a 42% career 3-point shooter on 2.7 attempts per game. James and Davis will draw double teams whenever they are on the floor, so it’s likely Cook’s attempts will improve.

Cook is accustomed to playing with superstars. In Golden State he played with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. In his rookie season, he played with Davis briefly in New Orleans, so he has some built in rapport with the superstar big man. Playing in Golden State, he won a championship and doesn’t seem overwhelmed by the bright lights of Hollywood.

All of this is a plus for a Lakers team who last year tried to put playmakers around LeBron instead of shooting. In Wednesday’s game, the Lakers shot 15-for-30 from deep as a team, and Cook’s shooting seemed infectious.

Much has been made about who will start at point guard for the Lakers. Up until Wednesday, it seemed the Avery Bradley would start due to his ability to pressure the ball and be a good defensive backcourt with Danny Green. Rajon Rondo has seen a lot of minutes this preseason due to his playmaking ability and because James and Davis trust him, but neither Bradley or Rondo shoot like Cook.
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The floor spacing Cook provides the Lakers will give James and Davis plenty of room to operate and a lock down shooter to kick it to when doubled. If Cook can keep this up, it’s likely he’s going to be in Frank Vogel’s rotation. Furthermore, he just might find himself as the first guard off the bench or starting.

Avery Bradley Jersey Lakers

When Avery Bradley signed a two-year, $9.7 million deal with the Lakers over the summer, there was no confusion on what his role would be. His job would be essentially the same one he has been tasked with over the course of the last decade — to make life miserable for the opposition.

While the actuality of Bradley’s effectiveness on defense over the course of his career has been the source of debate and skepticism, it’s difficult to argue that he has not at least played a part in what has been a stellar start on the defensive end for Los Angeles.

As of this article, the Lakers sit first in the league in terms of defensive rating (allowing just 97.9 points per 100 possessions) and third (99.6) when filtering out garbage time. Those are impressive ranks many would have found difficult to be achievable this early considering that the Lakers possess a nearly entirely new roster, coaching staff and have gone up against a tough schedule.

Bradley, who has started in the backcourt in six of the team’s seven games (missing the squad’s contest in Chicago due to a leg injury that has left him “questionable” for Friday) has been one of the tone-setters on that end, a responsibility and mentality the 28-year-old sounds dedicated to maintaining.

“My mindset going into every game is to go out there and challenge myself up against the best player on the other team,” Bradley told reporters after Thursday’s practice. “Try to make them work for every single possession.

“I know that’s my role on this team, and I know I’m going to bring it every single night,” Bradley continued, before quickly correcting himself on that last part. “Every single possession.”
NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs
Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

During the infant stages of the new season, Bradley has been given the chance to back up his words on the court, as he appears to be coach Frank Vogel’s go-to option on the perimeter.

Against the Jazz, Bradley was tasked with checking Donovan Mitchell for 44% of his offensive possessions. Then against Dallas, Bradley was glued to Luka Doncic a whopping 57.9% of his time on the floor. Both register as the highest marks on the team, according to the NBA’s matchup data.

While individually once again seeing a variance between the eye-test and the numbers (according to three different site’s data points, the Lakers’ defense has essentially been the same with Bradley off the court as it is when he is on, although that could have something to do with him mostly going up against opposing starters) there is little denying that his effort level has been an encouraging constant.

Whether it’s picking up full-court or aggressively pressuring (sometimes to his detriment) opposing ball-handlers at the point of attack, Bradley’s approach has up to this point had a positive trickle-down effect on the team.

As comfortable as the veteran has felt in his role on the defensive end, he says he has also at times been asked to branch out on offense. Mainly by taking on a portion of the team’s ball-handling and creation duties, given the Lakers’ current lack of consistent playmaking outside of LeBron James.
NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a new-ish experience Bradley is openly welcoming at this stage of his career.

“I think it’s a fun challenge. As professional athletes, we want to always grow, and this is an opportunity for me to grow my game,” Bradley said.

“A lot of the credit goes to coach, and to my teammates for giving me that confidence,” Bradley continued. “It’s just making it a natural transition for me. I’m happy with the success that we’ve been able to have as a team and I’m happy that coach trusts me enough to give me those opportunities.”

Thus far, the guard has not yet seen a major statistical uptick in terms of these on-ball responsibilities. On the season, Bradley’s buckets have been assisted on 78% of the time, according to Cleaning the Glass, which would be a career high. He has also only registered four assists (10th on the team) during his 167 minutes on the floor, as well as being utilized mainly in spot-up chances (28.3% of the time). It’s possible he was referring to being asked to handle the ball some, but ball pressure has mostly forced him to give up the rock to another creator in such scenarios.

So while it’s unlikely Bradley will ever fully transform into the type of on-ball creator the team needs, he has still mostly been the player many hoped he would be within the first weeks of the season. Which is ultimately the role he’s best suited for, and the one the team needs him to excel in.

Bradley is not a player without flaws. He is however, a hard-nosed and reliable guard, one who — if nothing else — plays within himself and his role. A combination of attributes that the Lakers are thus far reaping the benefits from.

All stats and video per unless otherwise noted. You can follow Alex on Twitter at @AlexmRegla. For more Lakers talk, subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts.

Kostas Antetokounmpo Jersey Lakers

Editor’s Note: For the second year in a row, the Silver Screen and Roll staff is counting down the most interesting Lakers heading into next season. We will be going through all 20 training camp spots before the season begins, and today we continue with No. 17, Kostas Antetokounmpo.

Within minutes of the Lakers claiming Kostas Antetokounmpo off of waivers, the jokes had already started.

Well, I guess they’re going after Giannis in 2021.

Rob has to get word to Giannis about how the Lakers are somehow.

He’s basically the new KCP.

While that might be a cynical way of looking at things, it’s also probably a realistic one. The Lakers did seem to use Kentavious Caldwell-Pope — LeBron James’ fellow Klutch Sports client — in much the same way the year before James signed, so we know this is in their playbook. And it’s not an unreasonable thing to want, either. What team wouldn’t want the league’s reigning MVP to hear good things about them from his younger brother?

But even if there is probably a kernel of truth to such speculation, we also know that the Lakers reportedly also see Kostas as a legit prospect, even if they also do hope he says good things about them to his brother. Decisions can be made with multiple motivations, and they wouldn’t have brought someone on if they weren’t at least close to being an NBA-caliber player, because that would be embarrassing for the organization. Kostas is at least on the fringes right now.

Kostas himself is probably working with just one driving force, though: To prove he’s more than just Giannis’ brother, and someone worth keeping around in their own right. Whether or not he can do so is what will make him interesting to watch this year, something that isn’t always said about two-way players on a contender.

Due to that contract status — and because the Lakers are loaded in the frontcourt — Kostas probably won’t see a ton of playing time on the parent roster this season, instead mostly plying his trade for South Bay in the G League.

And just as the Lakers will surely be trying to show Kostas they’re a first-class organization, they’ll also have an up-close-and-behind-the-scenes look at whether or not the 21-year-old big man can develop into a legit NBA player.

We recently had Mirin Fader of Bleacher Report, who wrote a must-read profile of the Antetokounmpo family last month, on our podcast. It’s worth noting that she spoke to Kostas before he was claimed by the Lakers, and how motivated he already was to step out of Giannis’ shadow and pave his own NBA path as a player teams want outside of any perceived connection to his brother.

Still, does this sound like the type of guy that would see all the jokes about the Lakers signing him just to tamper and not try to prove them wrong?

“There was so much pressure on him, there is so much pressure on him, and he told me he’s felt that since he was 12 (years old). People would always say in Greece ‘you’re not as aggressive as your two older brothers,’ so Giannis and Thanasis. (People would say) ‘you’re lazier than them.’ And that just used to drive him nuts, like that used to motivate Kostas so much, and he would just stay out there, and stay out there, and just shoot, and shoot, and shoot to just try to prove all of these people wrong.

“He has felt slighted since he picked up a ball, to be honest, and he still carries that with him now. And people always ask him all the time, ‘how do you deal with the pressure, how do you handled being third in line,’ … And Kostas was telling me, ‘I just look at it differently, pressure is a good thing. Pressure makes you work harder. When you’re scared, you push yourself beyond your breaking point.’ And he says pressure makes diamonds, you have to keep working. So he has that mentality about him.”

So this is where we have to offer the important disclaimer that Kostas is not Giannis. It is unlikely he’ll ever get anywhere in his brother’s stratosphere.

With that out of the way, we should note that Giannis wasn’t even Giannis at 21. He had shown more promise than Kostas has, and didn’t need to spend time in the G League, but I only bring this up to point out that some players take more time to develop than others. Kostas may not go from averaging 16.9 points per game to MVP-winner in four years (mainly because he’s not going to average 16.9 points per game this season), but he may be able to build on the skills he’s already shown, and seems to have the right mindset to do so.

Kostas averaged 1 point and 1 steal in two games for the Mavericks last season, production that does not portend a high-level of success in his sophomore year. He likely won’t even get many opportunities, outside of the G League. But if he can continue to hone the skills he showed in the G League while averaging 10.6 points, 6.1 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 25.4 minutes per contest over 40 games for the Texas Legends last season, all while also improving his defensive awareness, he might be able to turn himself into a prototypical modern big.

For most second-year two-way players, even that kind of praise would seem lofty, but Kostas has the physical tools to make it happen. It sounds like he has the work ethic to put in the time on it, too. The only question remaining will be if the latter quality can allow Kostas to maximize the former, which is precisely what will make him an interesting Laker to watch this year.

Robert Horry Jersey Lakers

Robert Horry encerrou sua carreira em 2008, aos 37 anos. Ele nunca foi um astro ou algo parecido. Era um jogador esforçado, com boa capacidade nos arremessos de longa distância. Nada muito mais que isso, exceto pelo fato de ter sido campeão em sete oportunidades e por três equipes diferentes. Agora, Horry acredita na possibilidade de ser eleito para Hall da Fama.

“A coisa louca sobre o Hall da Fama é que se você olha para a história do basquete, você vai ver vários caras com estatísticas piores que as minhas”, disse ele. “Se eu não conseguir entrar, tudo bem. Se eu conseguir, tudo bem também. Metade dos caras no Hall da fama não conseguiu metade das coisas que consegui, então não estou preocupado com isso”.

Horry obteve o primeiro título em sua segunda temporada, pelo Houston Rockets. Na época, fazia parte de um elenco que tinha Hakeem Olajuwon e Clyde Drexler. No ano seguinte, ele venceu mais uma vez e foi trocado em 1996 para o Phoenix Suns, onde ficou por apenas um ano e depois foi negociado mais uma vez, para o Los Angeles Lakers. No time californiano, ele foi campeão três vezes.

“Parte de mim espera que eu não entre, porque se eu não estiver lá, ainda terá gente falando sobre você”, afirmou. “Assim que você fica mais velho, as pessoas esquecem de você. Mas no fim do dia, o que mais importa é que as cidades por onde joguei são conhecidas pelos títulos que levei e os colegas que tive sabem que eu fui o melhor colega que eles poderiam ter.”

Em 2003, Horry assinou com o San Antonio Spurs. Foram cinco anos no time texano e mais dois títulos.

Em pouco mais de 1.100 jogos, Horry obteve médias de 7.0 pontos, 4.8 rebotes, e um aproveitamento de 34.1% nos arremessos de longa distância.

Kurt Rambis Jersey Lakers

A lot of people seem to be asking where, or how, Kurt Rambis is fitting into the Los Angeles Lakers current, for lack of a better word, reboot. I think there is a lot of misconception about the guy out there, at least it seems that way when I read comments people make on different stories that he is mentioned in.

At the time of this writing there still has been no “official” word about much of anything, just a ton of rumors and first, second and third guessing. So, the fact is that I have no idea where he is going to wind up in the big scheme of things as they start to develop.
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Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors

But, I do know some things about Kurt Rambis, that either folks are overlooking, forgot or are possibly too young to know.

Let’s go back to Rambis as a player during the “Showtime” Lakers glory years. The dude was known as a hard as nails defensive dive bomber. Not even dive bomber, he was a full on “kamikaze” pilot. Totally willing to sacrifice himself over and over for a rebound or to disrupt some other teams’ superstar and create havoc and chaos upon all Lakers opponents.

He wore these “Clark Kent” glasses that were always taped together because they were always getting broken by some dudes’ elbow, head, knee or fist. Fans loved him to the point that he had a “Kurt Rambis Superman” fan club in the stands, full of kids dressed like him with the glasses and the whole deal.

He was not the best shooter on the team, but I can tell you that he was a huge part of the Lakers success during those years. Watching him on television, you got the idea he was a big muscled kinda dude, but if you ever saw him up close he was actually of a very slight build.
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I met him during a charity tennis event while he was still playing and my first comment was, “Wow, I thought you were bigger.”

Since then he has remained in the game in a number of coaching positions and advisory roles. He has worked with a lot of different people from Phil Jackson to Luke Walton. He is part of the “Laker family,” so to speak.

Now, to the point, I want to make here, through all of this he has been a growing sponge of basketball knowledge. He is not flashy or shiny like some of the names out there, but the man is a solid basketball guy who has a wealth of knowledge and skills to add to the stew.

It is to the team’s benefit to have him on board in whatever capacity that it might be. I see people comment in some sort of negative ways about him and I want to tell them that they are wrong. Kurt Rambis is an asset.

Ron Artest Jersey Lakers

Moments after one of the most devastating losses of his career, Kobe Bryant stewed in the locker-room showers, while the Boston Celtics begun their championship celebration back on the court.

As Bryant tried to recover from his Lakers’ 38-point shellacking, the most unlikely of people suddenly appeared.

In walked a fully clothed Ron Artest, who offered his help as water drenched his shoes.

Artest expressed to Bryant his desire to come to the Lakers, but first they would have to go head-to-head in the following postseason.

Artest joined the Houston Rockets over the offseason, teaming up Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.

A fifth seed capable of doing some damage, Houston pushed the Lakers to their limit in the Western Conference Semifinals, where Bryant and Artest entered a heated duel.

It didn’t take long for the series to intensify, as the Rockets stole Game 1 before Bryant put up 40 points to capture the following contest.
Artest and Kobe Bryant are separated by an official after a heated exchange.

Artest and Kobe Bryant are separated by an official after a heated exchange.

That Game 2 saw tempers flare as Bryant and Artest tried to box each other out in the fourth quarter. Artest — upset that Bryant caught him in the throat with an elbow — was ejected while drenched with boos from the Staples Center crowd.

The two continued to go at it, as Artest was once again tossed in Game 3, and the series required seven games to determine the victor.

And as Bryant and the Lakers continued their march to the 2009 championship (while Artest watched from courtside as a fan), the defensive savant readied himself for an opportunity to join the purple and gold.

Shortly after the Lakers defeated Orlando in the NBA Finals, they began their quest for back-to-back titles by bringing aboard an old foe. Artest issued a statement about his new team, saying, “It will be great to finally not get booed in the Staples Center.”
Artest takes questions at his Los Angeles Lakers introductory press conference.

Artest takes questions at his Los Angeles Lakers introductory press conference.

Artest wasted no time bringing his trademark zaniness to Los Angeles, choosing to wear No. 37 in honor of the amount of weeks that Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” topped the charts.

But as soon as he hit the floor, it was all about the lockdown defense that the Lakers expected when they signed him.

By the third game of the season, he had impressed Bryant, who said that “we picked up our intensity, and it all started with No. 37,” after one of 18 Lakers victories in their first 21 games of the year.

With Artest leading the way defensively, the purple and gold rolled to the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. And the former Defensive Player of the Year set the tone with his trademark flare, particularly at the end of the year.

With the playoffs looming, he spent about three hours at the barber and returned with a Lakers-gold head of hair. Inscribed in purple across his dome was the same word written in Japanese, Hebrew and Hindi: defense.

Playoff Ron Ron was ready.

Jermaine Eluemunor Jersey Patriots

The NFL season is starting to shape up as to who the playoff contenders are and which teams will be selecting early in the next draft.

This past weekend marked the 10th of the regular season and there were quite a few former Texas A&M players in action.

Though a number were also on their bye weeks, Christian Kirk had his biggest game as a pro as the second-round pick from a year ago is finally healthy this season.

Veteran quarterback Ryan Tannehill received his fourth-straight start for Tennessee and led the team to yet another victory, this one coming via a last-minute touchdown drive led by the veteran.

Here is how all the Aggies in the NFL fared over the weekend.

-LB Otaro Alaka, Baltimore: The Ravens beat Cincinnati, 49-13. The undrafted rookie was placed on Injured Reserve (IR) earlier in the season with a hamstring injury. He is eligible to return to the active roster in Week 12.

-DE Michael Bennett, Dallas: Dallas lost to Minnesota on Sunday night, 28-24. In his second game with the team, Bennett finished with two solo tackles.

SEASON: 9 tackles (8 solo), 3.5 sacks, 1 PBU

-K Randy Bullock, Cincinnati: The Bengals fell to Baltimore, 49-13. Bullock hit both of his field goal attempts, connecting from 42 and 39 yards. He also hit his only extra-point try.

SEASON: 13-15 FG (Long 48); 14-14 PAT

-RB Tra Carson, Detroit: The Lions fell to Chicago, 20-13. Carson was placed on the Injured Reserve (IR) two weeks ago with a hamstring injury, though.

SEASON: 18-46 rushing; 4-18 receiving

-OL Jermaine Eluemunor, New England: The Patriots were on their bye week.

-WR Mike Evans, Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers beat Arizona, 30-27. Evans caught four passes for 82 yards in the win.

SEASON: 54-924, 7 TD receiving

-S Justin Evans, Tampa Bay: The Buccaneers beat Arizona, 30-27. Evans is on the Injured Reserve (IR) as he is still dealing with a turf toe injury from last season. He was eligible to return to the roster this week but is still not ready to go.

-S Deshazor Everett, Washington: The Redskins were on their bye week.

SEASON: 8 tackles (8 solo)

-DE Myles Garrett, Cleveland: The Browns defeated Buffalo, 19-16. The second-year pro finished with one solo tackle in the win.

SEASON: 28 tackles (19 solo), 10 sacks, 2 FF

-FB Cullen Gillaspia, Houston: The Texans were on a bye week.

SEASON: 3 tackles (1 solo)

-DE Daeshon Hall, Philadelphia: The Eagles were on their bye week.

SEASON: 3 tackles (2 solo), 1 sack

-OL Germain Ifedi, Seattle: The Seahawks undefeated San Francisco on Monday night. Ifedi started at right tackle and.

-DT Kingsley Keke, Green Bay: The Packers defeated Carolina, 24-16. The fifth-round pick finished with one solo tackle in the win.

SEASON: 6 tackles (1 solo)

-WR Christian Kirk, Arizona: The Cardinals fell to Tampa Bay, 30-27. The second-year pro had the best game of his career so far as he caught six passes for 138 yards and three touchdowns (33, 69, 15).

SEASON: 38-467, 3 TD receiving; 4-45 rushing

-K Josh Lambo, Jacksonville: The Jaguars were on their bye week.

SEASON: 22-22 FG (Long 48); 12-13 PAT

-DT Daylon Mack, Baltimore: The Ravens beat Cincinnati, 49-13. The sixth-round pick was on the inactive list for Baltimore, though.

-OT Jake Matthews, Atlanta: The Falcons beat New Orleans, 26-9. Playing left tackle, Matthews helped Atlanta to 317 total yards – 174 passing and 143 rushing.

-C Erik McCoy, New Orleans: The Saints dropped a contest to Atlanta, 26-9. The rookie second-round pick started at center and helped New Orleans to finish with 310 total yards – 258 passing and 52 rushing.

-LB Von Miller, Denver: The Broncos were on a bye week.

SEASON: 29 tackles (20 solo), 4 sacks

-DS Don Muhlbach, Detroit: The Lions fell to Chicago, 20-13. Muhlbach is in his 16th season as the team’s deep snapper.

-OT Cedric Ogbuehi, Jacksonville: The Jaguars were on their bye week.

-WR Damion Ratley, Cleveland: The Browns defeated Buffalo, 19-16. Ratley was on the active roster for the first time in a few weeks but was not targeted in the passing game.

SEASON: 8-103 receiving

-WR Josh Reynolds, LA Rams: The Rams fell to Pittsburgh, 17-12. Reynolds caught three passes for 49 yards in the loss.

SEASON: 8-156, TD receiving

-TE Ricky Seals-Jones, Cleveland: The Browns defeated Buffalo, 19-16. Seals-Jones was inactive due to a slight knee injury.

SEASON: 9-155, 2 TD receiving

-TE Jace Sternberger, Green Bay: The Packers defeated Carolina, 24-16. In the second week of action for the third-round pick after coming off injured reserve, he served a blocker but was not targeted in the passing game. He had one solo tackle on special teams, though.

-OL Keaton Sutherland, Miami: Miami beat Indianapolis, 16-12. The undrafted rookie was on the active list for the first time last week but was on the inactive list this week.

-QB Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee: The Titans beat Kansas City, 35-32, as Tannehill moves to 3-1 as a starter. He finished 13-of-19 passing for 181 yards and two touchdowns (9, 23) in helping engineer the winning touchdown drive in the final minute. He also ran for 37 yards on three carries.

SEASON: 97-136-4-1161, 8 TD passing; 17-85, TD rushing

-S Armani Watts, Kansas City: The Chiefs lost at Tennessee, 35-32. The second-year pro had two solo tackles in the defeat.

SEASON: 6 tackles (6 solo), 1 sack

-RB Trayveon Williams, Cincinnati: The Bengals fell to Baltimore, 49-13. The sixth-round pick was on the active roster but did not have a carry.

-S Donovan Wilson, Dallas: Dallas lost to Minnesota on Sunday night, 28-24. The sixth-round pick finished with one assisted tackle.

SEASON: 1 tackle (0 solo)

Korey Cunningham Jersey Patriots

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – In order to get down to the NFL-mandated 46-man game day roster limit, New England only had three players to deactivate Monday night. That’s because prior to arriving in the New York metropolitan area, the Patriots had already ruled out four: WR Josh Gordon (knee/ankle), TEs Ryan Izzo (concussion) and Matt LaCosse (knee), and RB Rex Burkhead (foot), who was downgraded on Sunday afternoon while the team was still in Foxborough.

The biggest news Monday is that the Patriots will shelve safety Patrick Chung (heel/chest), who couldn’t finish the previous game against the Giants. His absence tonight means we could see more of Terrence Brooks on defense. Brooks figured into the personnel groupings last game after Chung exited early.

New England Patriots

#Patriots inactives.

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6:45 AM – Oct 22, 2019
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On a positive note, WR Phillip Dorsett (hamstring) will be back in action, his first game time since being injured against Washington two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, OL Korey Cunningham is a healthy scratch tonight (not listed on the injury report), while DL Michael Bennett is serving a team-imposed suspension. Bennett’s playing time has dwindled in recent weeks, so, the Patriots should be able to withstand his absence tonight, particularly in light of New York’s inactive list.

From the Jets’ perspective, QB Sam Darnold’s blind side could be vulnerable in this game, as both starting left tackle Kelvin Beachum (ankle) and left guard Kelechi Osemele (shoulder) are out of commission. New England’s sack-happy D could target this area in an effort to pressure Darnold.

Marshall Newhouse Jersey Patriots

As can be seen, Brady’s numbers across the board get worse when he is pressured: he is less accurate, throws fewer touchdowns and more interceptions, and posts a lower yards-per-attempt statistic. All of this has to be expected, though, as no quarterback in the NFL is getting better when he is facing pressure. The problem, however, is just how comparatively ineffective the future Hall of Famer gets when opponents disrupt him.

Brady’s passer rating of 47.9 ranks him as the fourth-worst starting quarterback in the league under pressure, while it is simultaneously his worst since PFF started charting players in 2006. For comparison, he ranked 15th in the NFL in passer rating when pressured last season (71.2). The year before that, he led the league with a 96.6 mark. Of course, he also only achieved a 53.4 during a 2014 season that ultimately ended in a Super Bowl win.

The impact that quarterback rating can have on the overall success of a team can be disputed — passes that are thrown away are part of the equation, for example, but preferable to sacks or other negative plays that are not — but the bigger issue still remains: Brady’s performance while facing pressures leaves some to be desired, and the drop in adjusted completion percentage from 81.9% to 55.7% illustrates this very clearly.

So, where does this leave the Patriots? Above all else, they will need to find a way to protect Brady. Getting back starting left tackle Isaiah Wynn, who was placed on injured reserve after suffering a toe injury in Week 2, should certainly help in this regard: Wynn’s replacement, Marshall Newhouse, has been highly inconsistent and is responsible for 21 of the 74 pressures New England’s blockers have surrendered through nine games this season.

Despite that, however, the team still ranks among the best in football when it comes to pressure rate at this point of the season: Brady has been sacked, hit or hurried only just 29.7% of his drop-backs so the protection has actually been fine most of the times (PFF, meanwhile, has New England ranked as the 13th best pass-blocking team in football). That being said, the quarterback’s statistical drop-off resulting from the pressure cannot be ignored.

If Wynn’s return plus the added time the rest of the offensive line has spent together — center Ted Karras, for example, replaced David Andrews just shortly before the season began — can improve the Patriots’ pass protection and give Brady just a few more clean pockets to work with, there is little doubt he can work his magic again. At this point in time, the 42-year-old’s success is closely tied to the level of pressure a defense applies.

The Patriots need to make sure this level is kept at a minimum.